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What The Highest Converting Websites Do Differently


There are companies today that have websites which make very high profits and do you know how this is possible? Making money from a website is an easy thing provided you have a high profile website with quality products and services. Marketing a website is a very important thing because it will enable to you have traffic on your website and more people will come to buy your goods and services. In this way you will have increased your sales. Conversion optimization is the only sure way in which you can make your website to be among the best websites in the sense that you cause website traffic.

 What is the role of a website?

It is apparent that most business owners or investors have websites. The reason for having these websites is simply for promoting their businesses and also for converting new visitors to customers and leads. Sometimes improving your conversion rates can be difficult because you may not be able to know the changes that you will be supposed to make in order to improve it. Conversions on a website are very important especially to your sales and even to your reputation. Here are some of the things that your website can learn from the highest converting websites:

Test before taking it to the site

It is important for you test a new idea before taking it to the public or before taking it live. You can do this in the cheapest way by simply going to the customers and talking to them in order to know the goods and services that they want and the ones they don’t want. Some pros will ask you to buy website traffic in order to make your website to be a high converting website.

Ask the advice from the pros

Anything that is taken to the website needs to be something that has the ability to lead to a conversion no matter the number of visits required. Because you cannot be able to read minds, it means that you will not be able to know if this new technique will be successful. It’s good to give it a try and if it flops then you can try a different alternative. Advertising is another important way of improving your website and making it to be the highest converting website.

Shorter is better

Sometimes you may not be able to hire an expert to work it out for you and in this case you can try things by yourself. You need to be careful with the sign up forms. This is necessary because it will allow you to register your consumers easily and it is not good for them to see several boxes because they will be demoralized. Find out more informations in our site here: https://www.revisitors.com/

Benefits should be made clear

A highly converting website should ensure that it has made its benefits clear. This is important because visitors who come to your website may need to be encouraged in order to make a conversion. Let your visitors be contented that the money they are spending is worthy it and they should not have doubts on your goods and services or products.

5 easy Steps To Start a Blog and Make Money Online

5 easy Steps To Start a Blog and Make Money Online

Before we begin to explain how to make money online with a blog, it is good to make it clear that to succeed in this business dedication is needed.

Do not think that you can simply create a blog and then start publishing anything in it that money begins to appear. As in any other activity, it needs organization and hard work.

1 – To make money online with a blog you need a platform

Before thinking about how to make money online with a blog you need to have a publishing platform software for the creation of the blog and therefore business, which is really good and flexible to implement the advertising that is going to be its largest source of revenue. We recommend WordPress, a content management platform most used worldwide, and even better, free.

Working with WordPress is not difficult. There are thousands of tutorials around the Internet. If you prefer a more organized thing, you can take a course on blogs and become more professional. With the platform installed it’s time to start producing their content and make money.

5 easy Steps To Start a Blog and Make Money Online


2 – Where does the income from a blog comes from?

There are basically two ways to make money online with a blog. You can also visit this site for more information. The first is through the sale of advertising space and the second is selling some type of product on your site, usually IT related products.

To make money online with a blog you need to spend time and give some effort. Here are some tips to bill some good money with a blog

Tips on how to make money online with a blog

In both cases, it is critical that your blog has enough access and for this you need to have an interesting and creative content. Focus on a particular subject and create content that really interest and help people. This is the easiest way to monetize sites.

Forget the history of hanging around copying a lot of articles published on the Internet, it does not. Develop your own content and publish your blog. You can also visit our top article here. If you want to know how to make money on the Internet, the first tip is: Work hard!

3 – Where to get advertisers?

This is the simplest part of the whole thing, oddly enough. His first advertisers will come from that known as Affiliate Programs. It works as follows.

You sign up for one of these programs and the company will pass you a code that you will insert into your blog so that the ads that are displayed on the company blog. Their remuneration comes from the click you are given these ads or sales that originates from people who clicked on those ads, depending on the type of Affiliate Program. This is a great way to start your own business online.


4 – How to make money online with a new blog?

The first customer of a new blog is Google itself! Exactly, most often the first advertiser of a new blog is Google through the Google Adsense program. You can also visit this link:http://revisitors.com for more information. It works as follows. First you open an account with Adsense and configures your ad. Then you take the code and paste in the areas where you intend to publish the advertising.

Each time one of these ads is clicked, the advertiser pays a certain amount to Google and he passes on a percentage of that value to the blogger. That money is in an account with Google that periodically transfers this money to bloggers. Simple like that.


5 – Advertisers who pay for sales!

There is a second group of advertisers that will certainly appeal to those who want to know how to make money online with a blog. These advertisers  – who pay for sales – found what they are paying on your blog. Affiliate programs that pay a commission per sale are increasingly common.

This is an interesting option for those who want to make money online with any type of blog.


How to Make Money with Your Blog Site

How to Make Money with Your Blog Site

Millions of people look to make money online by blogging and it has become such a popular tool for many. However, while you can make money online get guide here https://www.revisitors.com/ blogging, you cannot make the money in a matter of hours. Most people believe they can make money overnight when in reality; it takes far longer than that. However, anyone can make money with their own blog.

Incorporate Ads

When you set up a website, even a blog, you can absolutely make money from a variety of sources including ads. There are lots of options to choose from such as Google but there are lots of options out there. This means that you have the ability to get lots of relevant ads into the site and get more money from sales and click-through users too. This can help more to build web traffic and ensure the blog does really well too.

Blog Ads

Blog ads are really great because it means you get total control over what ads are being run. Your website will get seventy percent of the profits while Blog Ads get thirty but still that is a huge profit and the payments are good too. You can really get a lot of profits here if you use these wisely. Make money online with a blog can be very simple when you use Blog Ads.

How to Make Money with Your Blog Site

Affiliate Programs

There are dozens of great affiliate programs for you to choose from. Amazon has a good program and there are many of them but you can get a percentage of every sale made from users clicking through links to Amazon. Becoming an affiliate has become very popular and for most people, this can help to build up a lot of web traffic too. Though, there are lots of options to consider and Amazon is just one option.

Text Links

There are lots of people who will say they aren’t too sure about using text links but they can be fairly good for any blog. Remember, your blog is there to make money online and you must do everything possible to gain more profits. Text links can help you in many ways and it is going to be a good option for you to consider.

Ask For Donations

This isn’t going to be such a popular option but thousands of bloggers ask for small donations to help keep the site running. Now, this will be your choice of course and whether or not you want to ask your readers to contribute money. There aren’t going to be many people who want to have to pay to read a blog or like to be asked either but it could be a good way to help make money online.

Endless Ways

To be honest, when it comes to making more money online with a blog, there are several amazing ways to do so. You really have lots of simple but effective options to help increase funds. Some options aren’t going to be great or offer you a lot of profits but then again, many others will offer lots of help. It’s really your choice what routes you take but there are plenty of ways to make money online with your blog.

How to Ensure Your SEO Strategy Delivers the Right Traffic ?

In today’s modern time of making business, a variety of innovative tools and channels have been introduced for the purpose of being able to increase the likelihood of being successful in one’s entrepreneurial endeavor. Among others, the internet is one of the mediums tapped by many because of its ability to break geographical barriers and to have an extensive reach while being able to maintain cost efficiency. The internet has paved way to an amalgam of techniques, and many of them have proven to be effective in helping in the achievement of organizational goals.

The Promise of SEO

SEO, or what is also known as search engine optimization, is one of the current techniques being utilized by different companies for the purpose of being able to craft an established online presence. The goal is simple – to rank first in search engine sites. When you company appears on top of the search results, such as through Google, you will be more visible in the online world and people will be aware of your business. However, SEO in itself is a strategy which will not suffice. There is a need for careful planning and execution to achieve favorable website traffic.

drive traffic

Identification of your Target Market

For your SEO strategy to work effectively, one of the most important things to do is to determine the audience or the people who will receive such. The importance of such is that it will allow you to communicate effectively. If you know the audience you are targeting, there is a higher likelihood that you will be able to create a message that will appeal to them. Your strategy should not be targeted to the entire population in general, as such will not work. There is a need to be more specific to create a message customized to their preferences.

Using the Right Keywords

One of the most important components of a successful SEO strategy, especially one that will drive traffic, is the right selection of keywords. You need to choose keywords which will identify the products or the services that you are offering, which re going to be most likely used by customers when they search online. More so, the right keywords will also depend on those that are being currently used by your competitors. There are different online tools you can use, such as Google AdWords Keyword Tool and Google Insights for Search.

Providing Relevant Contents

Being stuffed with keywords will not necessarily make the website better in terms of rankings in search engine. Instead, it is also paramount to make each page of the website relevant, which means it should have contents that will matter to other people. Aside from making sense, they should be also related to the keywords selected.

Indeed, SEO is a complicated endeavor and not anyone can succeed with it. This makes it important to choose a company specializing in SEO services. Through this, there is a higher likelihood that the strategy will be able to drive better website traffic, and hence, indicative of the success of the SEO strategy.


7 Easy Ways to Drive Free Targeted Traffic to Your Site


Driving free targeted traffic to your website is in fact easier than ever. There are lots of simple but effective ways for you to do so and you don’t have to pay a penny. The problem with website owners today is that they think they will have to pay out huge amounts of cash in order to get a successful website. However, that isn’t the case because you can drive relevant traffic to your site for free but how? Here are the 7 ways for you to do so for free.

Use SEO throughout Your Websites

Search engine optimization is a key factor for allowing more people to visit your website. This is free and there are lots of different practices such as;

• On Page SEO
• Off Page SEO
• Mobile Advertising
• Email Marketing
• Adding Correct Keywords

These are only a few things but there are lots of options. Some of the SEO methods might cost you however plenty of the SEO that’s relevant to you such as adding the right keywords to your website and its content will be free. You can easily add relevant keywords to your website content and it is free. This can be great Chicago advertising for your site.

Market Your Articles

You can easily write articles relevant about your site and market them online. You can place these on hundreds of different article directories and allow the readers to find them and be drawn to your website. This is great way to bring in more Chicago website traffic especially if you are able to market your articles correctly. Of course, it does help if you write relevant content and add something that attracts the reader as well.

Add SEO to Your Articles

Targeted traffic can in fact be higher when you write articles and use SEO within them. This means adding the correct keywords to the articles such as keywords which directly identify the article. It needs to be something that stands out and something that can be found within a search engine too. This can be important especially when it comes to driving more people to your website for free.

Submit Your Websites to Lots of Search Engines

You do have a lot of search engines to work with which means that you have the ability to drive in more traffic to your site. The best way to do so is to submit your website, once it’s ready, to as many search engines as possible. It’s free to do this and you can easy drive free targeted traffic in Chicago to your site by this method. It’s free and it’s worth a go because there are many different search engines which mean more coverage and bigger potential.visit the website http://www.wikihow.com/Increase-Website-Traffic.

Place Free Ads on Similar Sites

Placing a few free ads on sites which are in fact similar to your site can be beneficial. You can easily contact a website asking them to place a small ad linking back to your website on their site for free. In exchange for them doing this, you will do the same for them. This is great because it’s free and you have more people seeing your site which means more free targeted traffic.

Use Back Links with Big Companies

A lot of big and small companies will absolutely offer to put some back links in their website which link to yours. This is similar to ads except with links; and in a way, both you and the other party are helping one another out. However, it is all for free which is beneficial to you to ensure you get more traffic coming into your website. Website traffic is important and building that with a free method such as this can be important.


Use Social Network Sites

Social networking sites like Face Book and Twitter can be excellent ways to help drive free relevant traffic to your website. The reason why is because millions of people from all over the world use these sites and it means you have the best chance of getting free but relevant traffic coming to your site. This is valuable and its one amazing way of actually upping the traffic count. It’s also a fantastic form of Chicago advertising as well for free.

Use Free Resources

At times, the best resources are the free ones. The reason why is simply because websites can take a lot of money out of your pockets especially if you keep putting money into advertisements and marketing. However, there are many good ways which are also free, to drive free targeted traffic to your site and they should be used.

Article Marketing – Articles Are Awesome and They Will Gain You Targeted Traffic

targeted traffic

Today, article marketing is one of the most successful ways to bring in relevant traffic to your website. In fact, there are more and more people today who own a website and have several article marketing campaigns on the go. This is to help them create a fantastic advertisement campaign to bring in more and more custom to their website however, how can articles gain you targeted traffic?

Free Marketing for Your Business

Articles are awesome because they allow you to get the word out about your website as well as your services which is really great but free advertising. If you are just starting up and have little money to play with in terms of marketing, articles can be a great way to go. You don’t need to pay for article marketing and if you write the content yourself then you don’t have any fees to worry about. The only thing you have to do is to submit the articles to article directories. Washington article marketing can be simple.go to http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/how-to-boost-blog-and-website-traffic-with-article-marketing/ for more updates.

To Bring Targeted Washington Traffic, Does The Content Need To Be Perfect?

Most people seem to think to use article marketing strategies, it means being a perfect writer, however, that is not always the case. Depending on the audience you are writing for, articles don’t need to be perfect as long as they are readable and offer real information. Let’s just say your website was about you advertising your professional will writing services, then of course your writing must be amazing however, if the site is about baking or something less serious you can afford to be lax. Of course, the writing still needs to be good but the standards don’t need to be out of reach.

Washington Article Marketing Can Gain You Traffic If You Follow the Rules

• No Banned Content
• No Spamming
• No Adverts
• You Must Follow The Rules

Marketing campaigns with articles can be highly successful and can bring in a lot of traffic if you follow the rules. The above points are some points you need to remember when it comes to gaining traffic. Article directories and places where you post your articles don’t like to see articles that spam or stuff keywords into each sentence of the articles. That is why it’s important to know your targeted traffic so that your article campaign can attract more people.

targeted traffic

How Can Article Marketing Drive Your Traffic Count Up?

Articles can help boost your websites name and services greatly, but at the same time, they can also help to bring in the traffic. Articles can show people what you have to offer them which are more likely to bring the visitors in to your site. Of course, the content needs to be relevant to your website and it has to have relevant information in order to be effective. However, the marketing drive can bring the Washington website traffic numbers greatly because of how rich the content can be.

Marketing Will Bring In the Traffic

Articles can be placed anywhere from on a website to directories so there are more and more people able to see them boosting your website greatly. Search engines love articles and can link to your website however; marketing correctly will bring in the traffic. If your marketing campaign is strong and effective then you have the ability to get more and more numbers in. Gaining targeted traffic through marketing articles is possible and it can bring in lots of visitors.

How to get FREE highly targeted traffic to your website for FUN and PROFIT

website knows targeted traffic

Targeted traffic is the very people who get your website noticed and put on the map. Without traffic, your site is nothing; it may be pretty to look at but without visitors, it’s just something to admire. That is why you must find out how to get free highly targeted traffic to your website.

However, what you might not be aware of is that your traffic is only as good as the things you have to offer.

Offer Quality No Matter What You Have To Offer

• Quality content
• Quality images
• Quality service

These are some of the things you must keep high in quality because without quality, you won’t be able to get any traffic. However, if you have quality items on sale or a quality service, then you have the ability to get lots of targeted traffic in Delaware to your website. If you have the ability to offer quality in every area of your website then you can bring in more people. For example, your site may look nice but without quality content it won’t bring in many visitors.

Use Social Media Platforms to Get the Word Out and Bring In the Customers

A great and free way to bring targeted traffic in Delaware to your site has to be through social media. Most people use social media tools such as social network sites which are free. This is where you can set up a free account and advertise your business for free; you can create daily posts, leave updates about new services, new products and special deals you have to offer as well. What is more, millions of people use social networking sites which mean you have the ability to bring in targeted traffic for free.

Article Directories

Many people are now posting short articles about their website and their services online. This allows millions of people to see what they have to offer and in return potentially get thousands of people viewing this within seconds of it going online. This is free and there are lots of article directories out there for you to use which ensures you have a massive traffic drive available to you. Marketing has never been easier in fact and its going to be a fantastic way to get free targeted traffic to your website.

website knows targeted traffic

Free Advertisement

There are plenty of great but free advertisement options out there. This means you have lots of easy ways to get hundreds of people to your site within minutes. You can easily post free ads on sites online which don’t cost you a single penny which means you can target local custom as well as wider custom. Delaware targeted traffic has never been easier to find and it is great to advertise your site and your services for free.rad full details at http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/explosive-targeted-traffic/.

Free Can Be Fun for You and Profitable

You might not think free traffic can actually help bring you profit but it can. There are many small websites today that start off small and earn a lot of profit by trying some free traffic driving methods. You could be the same and you can get some great but highly targeted traffic coming to your site, you just need to use the right methods.checkout more detailed information at her latest blog post.

Drive Traffic – Use Your Best Content to Capture Targeted Traffic

buy German traffic

Being able to get targeted traffic into your website is massive. If you can accomplish this, you have a great chance to survive the next year ahead because that is what you need – relevant targeted traffic. Without having relevant traffic coming into your website then you are going to find it almost impossible to be successful or make money from your website also. However, it doesn’t need to be so difficult to bring in the traffic. Content is key with any website but so many people do not realize it.

Stay True To the Content

To be honest, fancy web pages that look great can be good for your website however; people are only truly interested in the content. It’s the content that tells the visitors what they want to know, it keeps them interested in you and what you have to offer. Many new website owners are tempted to cut the content down and add pretty images instead believing that will bring the visitors. Unfortunately, it doesn’t because the content tells people about you and if it’s not good enough then no one will return. NY website traffic can only be built with content.

Add Search Engine Optimization in Your Website Content

Even if your website doesn’t have huge amounts of content or text, you can still use SEO wisely. It will be important to avoid overstuffing your chosen keywords as well as use the relevant keywords too. A lot of people create content but don’t use good, strong keywords and when you don’t use good SEO keywords, you are doomed. However, you can easily add your keywords throughout your content to make it easier to find online and drive in the relevant website traffic also.

Short but Powerful Content Is Needed

People don’t want to read endless paragraph after paragraph on a website. People want short writing that they can read through quickly and get the message and it’s important for you to remember that with your website content. Yes, you may want to tell people lots of things you think are relevant but remember you have time to do this. You can update the content, adding new pieces of information but don’t overload readers. They don’t want that and you won’t get returning NY targeted traffic but overstuffing your content.

What You Need To Remember

• People Want Relevant Information
• Visitors Don’t Want To Have To Read Three Pages Of Information To Get The Answer They Are Looking For
• All Content Should Be Above Average Standards (read more details at http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/80220.)

buy German traffic

Whether you are a fantastic writer or just write occasionally, it will be important to put the best content out always. Yes, there are sites that get lots of traffic without much content but you need to still put your best foot forward. Forget everyone else; you need to ensure your content is fantastic, above average and interesting to read also otherwise, it won’t bring in the visitors. However, if the content makes sense and is good, then visitors will come to you and will return as well. Advertising your content really brings in the traffic.

Drive the Traffic to Your Website

Whether you have a small or large website, you still must drive the traffic to it. Without driving traffic it’s very unlikely your site will be a powerhouse, you may be lucky to get some visitors but it may not be enough. That is why you must take the reins and find ways to drive targeted NY traffic to your website.check more information at their latest blog post.

Keyword Optimization Techniques You Can Use Before You Buy Internet Traffic

Search Engine Optimization

For those who are planning to buy website traffic through pay-per-click ads and other methods of advertising, keyword optimization must first be done in order to set the campaign on the right foot forward. Keyword optimization is not only very useful to online advertising but it is also very important in search engine optimization and in other forms of web traffic generation.

Therefore, there are many uses to keyword optimization. Consequently, every blog owner, internet marketer, and online entrepreneur should have better understanding of what keyword optimization is and how it is done the right way in order to effectively create a funnel that can catch laser targeted web visitors.

Keyword Optimization and Search Engine Optimization

Keyword optimization is an integral component of search engine optimization. It is one of the foundations of SEO. So failure in this part, could lead to failure in getting substantial amount of highly targeted web traffic. It can greatly affect the conversion rate, as well.visit the original source for more detailed information.

You may be quite successful in getting your website to the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs), but if you are targeting the wrong keywords then your click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate will remain poor. Keep in mind that high traffic is redundant if conversion is low. All SEO and traffic generation activities must focus on getting the right prospects that convert well into sales.

Keyword Optimization Techniques

Keyword optimization involves a lot of processes. There are many different techniques to choose from. But to maximize your success, it is best to observe some or most of these effective keyword optimization techniques as listed below.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

This is a keyword variation method that catches related search terms based on the relevancy of the phrase to the search query. The LSI keywords are generated by the search engines based on the popularity of the terms, as well as based on the thematic connection of the keywords to the specific search query. This method of keyword optimization is quite effective since it gathers different search terms based on the subject matter instead of the keyword density. Keyword phrases are also captured from the organic search.

There are tools that you can use to get the latent semantic keywords for your main phrase. Some of them are free to use, so take advantage of the free LSI keyword tools to optimize your keyword research and keyword targeting.

Keyword Stemming

Another effective keyword optimization technique is called the stemming method. This involves adding suffixes and prefixes to the main phrase. This also includes adding short words to the main keyword terms. If your main keyword is ‘laptop,’ for instance, then a keyword stemming technique is to also target the keyword ‘laptops.’ Other keywords you can target using this technique are best laptop, best laptops, top laptops, and cheap laptop, among others.visit http://www.bruceclay.com/seo/search-engine-optimization.htm for more updates.

Keyword Variations

Unlike the LSI keyword method, this technique can be done without using any tool but by simply researching or reflecting what other users may be using to find certain products or when searching for information. So you have to empathize with your target audience in order to better understand what terms they could possibly be using when looking for things online.

For instance, if you are targeting the keyword phrase ‘make money online’ then there are many variations to choose from. You can also target the following search terms: work from home, earning income online, online work, make money through the internet, earn money online, and so on. You will notice that all of these terms are unique but they all mean the same thing.

Keyword Synonyms

This is another easy method of keyword optimization. All you have to do is to find the synonyms of your main keyword phrase; just look for words with similar meanings and add them to your list. In the example above, you can also target the keyword ‘computers’ if your main target keyword is ‘laptops’.

Other examples of synonym keywords are as follows: dog – pet, canine, puppy; cat – kitten, pet, feline; money – dollars, riches, income; and website – blog, sites.

Long Tail Keywords

This is another effective technique of keyword optimization. Targeting the long tail keywords will not only make it easier for you to rank your site higher due to low competition, but this is also very effective in capturing laser targeted visitors. Many webmasters are encouraged to use long tail keywords instead of general keywords in order to improve their chances of successfully getting their sites to the front page of the search results. This can greatly improve the conversion rate as well.

Based on several studies, the longer the keyword phrase the more specific the targeting of web visitors. Although the possible traffic level is lower for long tail keywords compared to short general terms, but the visitors that you shall also get are also in quality and more precisely targeted. As a result, conversion rate will be improved and the bounce rate will be lowered.

Search Engine Optimization


In today’s world where major search engines like Google are stepping up their crackdown on websites involved in keyword stuffing, it is important to diversify your keyword terms by using the different keyword optimization techniques above. While you are targeting one main phrase, you are using different but related and relevant terms that can help avoid keyword stuffing and its corresponding consequences.

You don’t have to implement all the methods above. You can use one or two techniques and still achieve success in your search engine optimization. What is important is your keyword research does not only help you quickly get to the top of the SERPs but also help you capture the right audience that will improve your CTR. Similarly, it is important to carefully observe the rules of Google in order to avoid being slapped due to keyword stuffing.

Keyword optimization will serve as your cushion against keyword stuffing that could potentially get your website demoted in rank or delisted from the SERPs altogether. So take note of the above techniques, which can help you attain your SEO and online advertising success.

Get Guaranteed Website Visitors Using Visual Bookmarking

website visitors

Online marketing comes in many forms. The most common and the conventional method is blogging, or more popularly known among marketers as content or article marketing to get website visitors. When social media networking rose in popularity, marketers also invade these socials network. Thus, social media marketing was formed.

Over time, social networks evolve to meet the varying needs and demands of many users. The trend right now in social networking favors visual sharing, and photo-based social networks like Pinterest and Instagram enjoyed growing popularity. This creates a new form of marketing, which is visual marketing and bookmarking.

What is visual bookmarking and marketing?

Visual marketing is method of promotion where photos and images are used to attract the attention of the target audience. In social marketing, visual marketing is indirectly integrated, although there are also social networks where photos are used to directly promote a product or a service.go to http://eurobanktech.com/free-website-traffic/ for more information.

One good example is Pinterest. This is mainly a photo-sharing site where users share their interests and favorites via images. Marketers also promote their services indirectly by sharing an image depicting something that reflects their brand. However, there is also a gift section in Pinterest where you can showcase your products along with the price tag. This section lets you directly market your offers This makes Pinterest one of the ideal platforms for visual marketing.

Why Visual Marketing

There is no doubt that content marketing should still remain as the core method of marketing. However, with the rising competition today and the abundant resources of information that are now available online, you need to make your content stand out from the rest.

Every post that you will publish shall become like a grain of sand in the seashore that is hardly recognizable from the rest. But if add color to it, your post can be quickly seen and read.

That is exactly what visuals do in marketing. Visuals are powerful marketing tools for attracting more targeted prospects. They are also very effective in enhancing the comprehension of the readers about the main message of the content. That is why posts with images or videos usually get better engagement compared to those without visuals. Just take a look at the following interesting facts and stats about visuals for a better understanding of its immense importance in marketing.read their latest comment for more information.

Interesting Visuals Statistics and Facts

• Visuals comprise approximately 90% of the information conveyed to the brain.

• The brain processes visuals about 60,000 times faster than words.

• During a sponsored study at the University of Minnesota, management students who conducted a presentation with visuals were able to convince 43% more students to take the course compared to the other group that presented the same presentation but absence of visuals.

• Visuals are effective in appealing to the emotion, thereby significantly influencing the buying decisions of the consumers

• The time spent by readers on pages with videos will increase by as much as 100 times.

• Compared to plain posts, contents with videos will get 3 more inbound links from the readers.

website visitors

• Instagram users engage 10 times more compared to the other platforms.

• In social media, posts with videos are shared 12x more than plain texts.

• 85% of the online shoppers are more inclined to buy a product after watching a video product review or a short clip about the brand.

• Pinterest photos and videos refer more traffic compared to Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook.

The above facts and figures are enough to convince any marketer about the power of visuals in marketing. Thus, make sure that your campaign also integrates visuals to boost its success.