If you’re looking to buy an Instant Pot, might we suggest these six reasons why you shouldn’t? Not only will the purchase cost a pretty penny but there are many other ways of cooking that still give incredibly tasty meals.

The “disadvantages of instant pot” is a question that many people are asking. The answer to this question is no, you should not buy an instant pot. Here are 6 reasons why you shouldn’t buy one.

Should I Buy An Instant Pot? 6 Reasons To Say “Nah.”

Is it necessary for me to get an Instant Pot?

People are raving about their Instant Pot wherever they go. Everyone is giddy at the prospect of preparing a roast in such a short amount of time. Is a digital pressure cooker, however, a wise investment? Not all of the time. There are many reasons why you should not purchase an Instant Pot.

In the summer of 2017, I purchased one. I remember seeing a great offer online, but I can’t remember where. And it sat in the box for a long time. I’d transfer it from my cellar to my pantry and vice versa on occasion. However, I never took it out of the box. But it was last year around Christmastime, when they were all the rage. And they were all sold out in the shops! Because no one could locate them to purchase, and I had one brand new in-box, I did well selling it on eBay and earned a handsome profit. Ka-ching!

Why You Shouldn’t Buy an Instant Pot

Consider appliances that have been around for a long time and have shown to be beneficial. Blenders, hand mixers, stand mixers, and toaster ovens are examples of kitchen appliances. Is the Instant Pot going to be one of them? I’m not convinced. “But, but,” a buddy said, “it’s so simple to boil rice in that!” I’m not trying to be a jerk, but is boiling water in a pot on your stove really that difficult?

6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy an Instant Pot

It’s All About the Meat, After All.

That is correct. You’ll find recipes for almost everything, but that doesn’t guarantee that the outcomes will be great. If you want to cook tender meat fast, you’ll want to invest in an Instant Pot. You can achieve soft beef using your slow cooker if time isn’t an issue for you. Best of all, there’s no need to read a manual, and the learning curve is significantly shorter.

Instant Pots are difficult to operate.

Here’s the reality. An Instant Pot is a multi-functional appliance. It purports to be a multi-cooker, after all. This entails a plethora of buttons as well as the necessity to take a seat and study the handbook. You may not be up for an Instant Pot if you have difficulties adjusting your digital clocks when the time changes. Skip it if you want basic, easy cooking. “Oh, but I can make yogurt in it!” another buddy said. You can make yogurt in an Instant Pot if you have a thermometer and an additional 10 hours on your hands. Thank you, but no thanks. I’ll save time by purchasing my locally produced yogurt from the Amish farm up the road.

Instant Pots take up a lot of room on the counter.

People often extol the virtues of having their Instant Pot on their counter at all times. This is most likely due to a lack of space in their cabinets. An Instant Pot, however, does not have a tiny footprint. An Instant Pot may not be for you if you want your counters to be nice and tidy.

The price of an Instant Pot is exorbitant!

An Instant Pot might be costly unless you purchase one on a fantastic deal. That’s particularly true when you consider how little you would utilize it. If you really want to attempt pressure cooking, go with a stovetop type. They are much less costly.

Not only are they costly, but some of them need the purchase of additional equipment. There are also these rubber rings to keep the Instant Pot pressurized. Regrettably, they must be updated on a regular basis.

The meal takes longer to cook than the Instant Pot promises.

You should be aware that most Instant Pot recipes are timed after the device has reached pressure, which may take up to 10 minutes. Once the cooking is completed, you must wait for the device to de-pressurize. To put it another way, the cook time is not the amount of time you’ll have to wait.

Another thing–on Facebook, several pals were talking about their homemade yogurt. In an Instant Pot, making yogurt takes roughly 12 hours. That’s a tough pass.

You most certainly have alternative appliances that can do the same functions as the Instant Pot.

Do you have any other kitchen appliance fads? I’m talking about you, bread machine and smoothie maker. Slow cookers and crock pots seem to have endured the test of time. Other trendy appliances, however, are a different story. I still use my bread machine on a regular basis. My crock pots, too. But what about my Soda Stream? That was a long time ago. Is this only a passing fad? No one knows for sure right now. However, if it proves to be a useful addition to kitchens, they will be available for purchase in the future. And most likely at a reduced cost.

An Instant Pot may seem to be the next must-have appliance. Do your homework. Learn all you can about it before deciding whether it’s good for you. Inquire about it. “Oh, yes, that,” most of my pals remark. “I barely ever use it.”



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The “what is an instant pot good for” is a question that many people have. The answer to this question is, it can be used for cooking, pressure cooking, and more. There are 6 reasons why you should say “Nah.”

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