The KOHO Visa is a cash back card that offers rewards as you spend. It does not charge an annual fee and it earns up to 2% on all purchases, but there are many other cards with better rates of return. The best use case for the KOHO might be if your main goal is to earn enough rewards from daily transactions to pay down a relatively large debt or purchase something big-ticket like a house or car.,

Koho Bank is a bank that offers cash back cards. The KOHO Visa Review 2021: Is this Cash Back Card Worth It? is an article that reviews the card and provides information on what you can expect from it. Read more in detail here: koho bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does KOHO cash back work?

A: KOHO will automatically credit your bank account with the amount of cash back you earned, typically within three weeks. But never wait more than 14 days for your money to show up.

Do cash back cards actually give you money?

A: Cash back cards usually give you cash. However, it is important to be wary of which type of card you are using and how much the company charges for processing the transaction in order to avoid any possible fees or taxes on your earnings.

Is KOHO a good card?

A: Yes, I believe so.

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