Surveyj offers a service that promises to help people earn money by doing surveys. You can sign up for free and get paid via PayPal or through gift cards sent to your email address after you’ve completed the survey. However, there are some concerns about whether SurveyJ is completely legit or not.

The “is legitimate” is a question that many people ask themselves. There are two ways to find out if SurveyJ is legit or not:
1) Look at the website’s terms of service and privacy policy, which will tell you what you can expect from the company. The site’s terms of service and privacy policy typically state how long they keep your data and whether or not they sell it to third parties.
2) Search for reviews on sites like Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc., which will show you if other people have had positive or negative experiences with the company.

Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake? Check How These Sites Operate.

I was scrolling via Facebook when I saw someone advertising a website called SurveyJ Co.

I know which ones are scams and which ones work since I’ve examined hundreds of these “survey” sites. I looked out the website (SurveyJ dot Co), and the layout seemed extremely similar to me.

Well, I’m pleased you’re doing your own research on SurveyJ, because I’m going to show you why you shouldn’t join them.

What does this imply? Is SurveyJ Co a real company or a scam?

Let’s have a look. You will discover what to look for when it comes to these websites in the following brief review.

What is SurveyJ Co, and what does it do?

This is touted to be a survey network that rewards its subscribers hundreds of dollars.

Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake

It is free to join, and you are promised a $40 welcome bonus. You may also share the link with your friends and family to earn $15 for each new member you introduce.

And here’s the “best part”: For every user that clicks on your link, you’ll get $2.

Let me state right now that these statements are false. It’s all a load of crap.

There are no genuine survey sites that offer a bonus of $40. And you’ll get paid $2 for each click?

It’s just absurd.

We’ll evaluate a few red flags to see whether SurveyJ Co is simply another data harvesting fraud (here are reviews of similar scams).

Who is the perpetrator?

ShareCash Review

It is difficult to determine who the creator is.

The problem is that the folks who develop these websites keep their identities hidden. This site will be decommissioned soon, and they will begin work on a new one.

The only information we have is that this website was registered in April of 2021. You can learn how to examine this information in the Red Flags section below.

What I also find odd is that there is no contact form or email address where you may ask inquiries.

Isn’t it true that if their motives are genuine, they wouldn’t mind disclosing their email address?

What Is the Process?

You may signup for free, as previously stated.

Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake

Once you’re on the dashboard, you can see how much money you have in your account. But it’s a ruse.

After that, you’ll be asked to complete certain surveys and tasks on the SurveyJ Co dashboard.

A person who completes the assignment will see that the balance increases. The true issue is that the funds are unavailable for withdrawal.

You’re not going to earn any money doing this. Furthermore, you may be advised that you utilized some fraudulent clicks and as a result, you will not get paid. It’s possible that your account will be closed as well.

What is the goal of this ruse?

This site was built only to gather email addresses by whomever is behind the SurveyJ Co.

They then turn around and sell them on the illegal market. It’s a large industry – after all, who wouldn’t join up for something for free and even be paid?

But it’s a load of crap. Joining SurveyJ Co. is not a good idea.

Let’s have a look at how much traffic this site receives:

Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake

They had at least 2.5 million monthly visits in the past six months (June 2021 to November 2021)!

Can you fathom the amount of money they’d have to pay out?

If just 10% of individuals sign up, the owners of SurveyJ Co will have to pay $10 million every month. That would be in the month of October. Let alone the rest of the year.

Are there any red flags?

We’ve previously discovered that this website is non-paying.

Let’s look at several warning indicators that many frauds have.

Conditions and Restrictions

It’s worth noting that the Terms and Conditions were last revised in 2019.

Is it even possible?

Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake

That website didn’t exist at the time. Simply go to and you’ll see that the SurveyJ Co was newly established in April 2021.

Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake

Policy on Personal Information Protection

The links aren’t working.


Alternatively, consider this:


What is your mailing address?

Is this the address of the company’s headquarters?

It seems to be a residential neighborhood.


Platforms for Social Media?

They claim to collaborate with social media influencers on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

These influencers seem to span from the top ten verified accounts to regular people. That is something I am not certain about.

Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake

This does not seem to be an account that works with influencers. At most, profiles that follow the SurveyJ Co have a few hundred followers.

Is there a Facebook profile for them?

Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake

This is only followed by 742 people. That isn’t much.

And, just in case you’re curious, many are saying that they haven’t been paid and that this is a fraud.

Testimonials that aren’t true

Fake testimonials are often used in these types of frauds.

Let’s look up these photographs on Google:

Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake

Let’s look them up on Google:

Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake

…and here’s another:

Is SurveyJ Co Legit or Fake

These are almost certainly stock photos.


Is SurveyJ Co a reputable company?

No, it’s not the case. This is a data-mining scam that gathers email addresses. These email addresses are then sold to a third-party vendor.

Please avoid using SurveyJ.

It’s probable that there are more of similar ruses out there. As we did before, double-check the information.

Always remember that if anything seems to be too good to be true, it most often is.

I hope you find this post useful, and do let us know if you have any queries or experience with comparable sites. Also, if you have the opportunity, share this post on social media to ensure that not too many people get duped.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Mike

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The “how does work” is a question that most people ask themselves when they are trying to decide if the company is legit or not. The sites that we recommend checking out are SurveyJ and Scamadviser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trust Surveyj Co?

A: Yes. All Survey Company workers are thoroughly vetted and must complete a police background check before being hired, as well as attend an in-person training session on how to conduct surveys correctly.

How do you cash out on Surveyj?

A: Surveyj is a platform that allows users to take surveys for money. However, cash out options are limited on this site and can only be done in increments of $10-$50 at any given time.

What survey companies are legit?

A: I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

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