Canadian Tire is a Canadian based retailer. It is a chain of over 1,000 stores that sells various products of various categories. In Canada, Canadian Tire price matches the prices of other Canadian based retailers. It does not price match prices of stores outside of Canada (such as US based retailers). It is an interesting business model, which helps it to gain market share.

If you’ve ever shopped at Canadian Tire, you may have noticed that they have a price match guarantee. Take, for example, the price of a 2.5-litre engine oil. If the price at Canadian Tire is lower than many other Canadian tire stores, then you can return to the Canadian Tire store and ask them to match the lower price.

Canada’s largest retailer, Canadian Tire, has become a common sight in Canadian households. With over two hundred locations across the country, it is a retailer that we all know and love. Their friendly staff and local stores have become an integral part of Canadian culture.

word-image-1908 Even with a fixed budget, there are unexpected expenses that can come out of nowhere. From air conditioners to beat the summer heat to gardening supplies, all of these costs add up quickly. The goal, of course, is to spend as little as possible while still optimizing comfort. Some people save money by shopping online, while others focus on discounted items or shopping in bulk. Another popular way to keep your bank account balanced is to consider price adjustments. Price matching occurs when a store offers a product at a certain price and competitors at the checkout make an agreement on that price. While not all stores follow this policy, it’s a good approach if you want the quality and versatility of stores like Canadian Tire, but still want to stay within your budget. You can check online resources and mailing lists for prices. Then, when you find the product you’re looking for, you can use the Canadian Tire model to compare prices and save a few bucks with minimal effort.

Canadian Tire

Today it is a huge retailer, but Canadian Tire has modest roots in Toronto: The founders purchased Hamilton Tire and Garage in 1922. The company was founded in 1927 and began its operations as Canadian Tire Corporation. Although still headquartered in Toronto, the company now has 1,700 branches across Canada. It also acts as an umbrella company for major companies such as Mark’s Work Wearhouse, Sport Chek and Helly Hanson. The company is traded under the symbol CTC and has a fairly stable history on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Canadian Tire began in the mid-20th century as a supplier of automotive accessories, tires and fluids. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the company has expanded its repertoire considerably. The company now offers everything from decorations to outdoor equipment, sporting goods, cleaning supplies and kitchenware, and its popularity is largely due to the variety of products. Do you need extra money for repairs to your home? Take a look at the home improvement loan.

Price compliance policyCanadian Tire

For something that can save you a lot of money, price comparisons are surprisingly easy to do. If you want to shop at Canadian Tire, simply view the competitor’s ad, either digitally or as a hard copy. If the ad is valid and the item meets the requirements, if it exactly matches the ad, then the clerk will reduce the price according to the ad. Find out how you can earn extra money by shopping at Rakuten. If you have already purchased a Canadian Tire product and discover that a local competitor is selling it at a lower price, there is a grace period. There is a 30-day grace period for items purchased from other chains, while there is only a 14-day grace period for price negotiations with other Canadian Tire stores. During this period you can present proof of purchase in the form of a receipt. You should also include the price advertised by a local competitor for the same product. Digital ads and flyers are accepted. If the price is the same, you will be refunded an amount equal to the purchase price. word-image-1909




Canadian Tireprice comparison policy

In order to offer price matching at its 1,700 locations across Canada, this company has strict rules regarding its price matching policy. The Company has two main measures in place to ensure that all price approvals are conducted in an ethical manner.

Identical articles

The first thing to check when adjusting prices is that the products themselves are the same in all respects. This includes the model number, any warranties, the manufacturer and all specifications. The product must be in its original packaging. If you are using electronic price comparison, the price must also include the cost of shipping the item to the Canadian Tire facility where the request was made. The calculation of price compliance shall also take into account all relevant exchange rates and taxes. Do you shop a lot? Earn extra money with Ampli.

Local competitors

Because Canada is so large, there is a limit to where you can apply the price adjustment. The first requirement is that it must be a retail store in Canada located within 200 km of the Canadian Tire facility. You can apply the price adjustment to items in all Canadian Tire stores nationwide. In practice, the list of local competitors applies to all online stores with a website ending in .ca. For tires and wheels, the local criteria apply to dealers with names ending in .com. If you are sure that the material in question meets the two necessary criteria mentioned above, you can be sure that the price is correct. If it does not fall into the exception category, you can use the price adjustment function. word-image-1911




Exemptions from Canadian Tire Pricing Policies

While the vast majority of products comply with the price negotiation policy, there are some exceptions. By becoming familiar with these various exemptions, you can ensure that your product is compliant. The exceptions are:

  • Any advertisement that contains a typo, advertising error, or misprinted information.
  • Prices of propene in large quantities
  • Exclusive products on the website of Canadian Tire
  • Damaged, used or open packaged items
  • All merchandise displayed

Conclusion: If the ad is correct, the product is intact and you are not stocking up on propane, the price is probably correct. How often do you return items? Find out why Costco’s return policy is one of the best.

Similar Canadian stores offering price adjustments

While Canadian Tire is a popular fixed price tire store, it is far from the only retailer to offer this incentive. The few Canadian stores that have a price comparison system are


As one of Canada’s best known furniture stores, this company offers a 30-day money back guarantee on the price difference. When they buy large appliances, they pay 20% of the difference. The company pays ten percent of the difference when purchasing the mattresses. In conjunction with the Desjardin Brick Visa card, price negotiation benefits are extended by 100 full days when you sign up for a payment protection plan. You shop at Walmart? Earn rewards with the Walmart Rewards Mastercard.

Best Buy

Best Buy, a consumer electronics retailer, offers a price match within 30 days of purchase. If you find a lower price at an authorized or online retailer, show customer service proof of the advertised price and a receipt (if you notice a difference after the purchase). The difference will be refunded to you. Need help paying for your purchase? Consider using Buy Now, Pay Later.

The home depot

The Home Depot beats its competitor’s price by an impressive ten percent, but only at the point of sale. If you compare with an online store, they will match the competitor’s price, but not break it.


Staples, the consumer electronics and office supplies retailer, offers a price match within 14 days of purchase, whether the purchase is made online or in person. Staples excels at meeting competitive premiums. It will match any benefit on the purchase of a competitor’s ad with the gift card offers.


This company is a popular do-it-yourself store and works with expensive products. Consequently, their price negotiation policy will be adapted accordingly. If the price of a large piece of equipment is adjusted, Rona pays ten percent of the difference. This feature can be applied to up to 15 products in the online store or in-store.

Questions and answers about Canadian Tire’s price compliance policy

What is the returns policy at Canadian Tire?

Canadian Tire has a simple return policy. You must return the product in its original packaging, accompanied by the receipt. The return period for your purchase is up to 90 days. Canadian Tire offers refunds on the original payment method. In some situations, for example when paying with a credit card, you have to identify yourself. In addition to returning the item, you can also get an exchange. If your item is opened, damaged or unsuitable for resale, you cannot return it.

Are the prices of Canadian Tire online and in the shop the same?

Canadian Tire online prices vary depending on your location due to shipping issues. Although stores strive to match online prices, there can be significant differences depending on the supply chain. Please note that the Canadian Tire Price Match Guarantee has special terms and conditions. It affects the cost of transporting goods to the warehouse, as well as taxes and exchange costs at all stages of the supply chain.

Who is considered a local competitor in price negotiations with Canadian Tire?

To be considered local, the subscriber must be physically located in Canada, within a 200 kilometer radius of the point you are requesting. If you compare the ads to an online store that has a ca domain, it makes a difference. For tyres and rims this privilege applies to the com.

Does Canadian Tire compare prices of items I have already purchased?

Yes, Canadian Tire compares prices of already made purchases. If you purchased an item from another Canadian Tire store, you have 14 days to receive the difference. Provided there is a price adjustment at the same store where you purchased the product, you have 30 full days to get your money back. Learn to budget and save money.

Final thoughts

Given the high probability, there is no downside to Canadian Tire’s price adjustment. This money saving technique is useful whether you are considering a new purchase or have already invested in something. Especially for large purchases, competitor reviews are an important part of the research process. The beauty of Canadian Tire Price Match is that you get a second chance to save within 30 days. When looking for discounts where price comparisons make the most sense, keep seasonality in mind. In the spring it’s gardening and landscaping and in the summer air conditioning and cooling. By planning ahead and staying on top of offers (online and in flyers), you can significantly reduce the cost of your major purchases.Price matching at Canadian Tire is a very popular service, but what are the rules and what do you have to do? Update: Probably not a good idea to comment on a blog that asks questions but won’t answer them.. Read more about canadian tire price match online order and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you price match at Canadian Tire?

Canadians are known for being polite and friendly, but they also know how to stand up for themselves. That’s why when you’re at the Canadian Tire store and you see a better price on a product, you are quick to ask the price match manager if the price is accurate and you’re not afraid to make your case that it is. Canadian Tire is one of the largest retailers in Canada and is known for their friendly service and low prices. They are a popular retailer for Canadian Tire Price Matching, which means that if you buy a product at Canadian Tire, and find it cheaper at another Canadian Tire store, you can return to the first store and get that product for the same price. If you are not sure if they price match, you can always ask a sales associate.

Does Canadian Tire Price Match with Walmart?

Canadian Tire is the largest retailer of automotive, and automotive-related, parts and accessories in Canada. But are they competing with the likes of Walmart? The answer, in brief, is no. A good deal of Canadian Tire’s business is from online resellers, such as and Members of the Canadian Tire Rewards loyalty program will be able to shop online and in store, but purchases made at Canadian Tire will not be price-matched with Walmart. A while back, I realized I had a problem: I had some Canadian Tire gift cards, but I had been driving to Walmart to pick up my groceries for my family, as I wasn’t sure if I’d ever find a Canadian Tire within driving distance of my house. (I live in the province of Alberta.) So, I started looking for a way to go shopping at Canadian Tire for groceries, but at Walmart to save money.

Does Canadian Tire Price Match Lowes?

Canadian Tire has recently become famous for its price matching policy where it will refund a customer the difference in price if a competitor has a lower price. Is this really effective or is it just a gimmick? Check out this article on how to price match a competitor and see if it is worth it! Canadian Tire, a Canadian discount retailer, and Lowe’s, a leading home improvement chain, both offer price match guarantees. Lowe’s policy allows customers to find a lower price at another retailer and then apply the lower price. The customer has to show that they shopped at the other retailer within 24 hours of the lower price. Canadian Tire’s policy is a little different.

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