Next time you see a price rise on your grocery list, remember this story. It’s going to happen again and again in the coming years as healthy food becomes more expensive and less accessible. Luckily there are ways to fight back!

The “increasing food prices” is a problem that has been present for a while. Here are 9 ways to fight the rising price of groceries.

If you’re like the majority of Americans, the coronavirus epidemic has caused your food expenses to skyrocket. According to the November 2021 Consumer Price Index (CPI) from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, all six main grocery store food groups had price increases over the previous 12 months (BLS).

Meat, poultry, fish, and egg prices increased by 12.8 percent in 2021, with beef prices increasing by 20.9 percent. The cost of dairy products increased by 1.6 percent. Other prices increased as well, with increases ranging from 4.0 percent for fruits and vegetables to 5.7 percent for other commodities.

It’s disheartening to leave the grocery shop with just a couple bags of goods for $100. Fortunately, there are actions you can do to reduce your shopping expenditure by at least a bit, if not dramatically.

Despite increasing costs, here are nine methods to save money on groceries.

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1. Make a shopping list.


When you establish a limit on how much you may spend on groceries each week, you can avoid making impulsive purchases or overpaying. Determine how much you want to spend ahead of time, and then stick to your budget. If you’re concerned about going over budget, utilize the calculator on your phone to keep track of your food bill while you’re out shopping.

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2. Join a rewards program.


You’re losing out on discounts if you haven’t joined up for grocery shop loyalty card programs. You’ll usually get considerable discounts on qualified products if you enlist. Many grocery store loyalty programs may also provide per-gallon gas savings.

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3. Take a risk on store brands.


You don’t have to fill your cabinets with just generic or store brands, but don’t ignore them entirely because you’re a snob about groceries. Most supermarkets sell their own excellent brands of milk, eggs, pasta, toilet paper, health and beauty goods, and a variety of other commodities at far cheaper rates than name-brand products.

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4. Keep an eye out for bargains.


Do you put supermarket circulars into the recycling bin without giving them a second thought? Take a few minutes to read through the sale advertising to see if there are any things on sale that you would normally purchase. Fruits and veggies may be on sale for the week, meat may be on sale, boxes of pasta may be $1 each, and other goods may be on sale that you may stock up on for later use.

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5. Make a shopping list


Entering the shop with a grocery list in hand is one of the greatest methods to save money on groceries. Take the time to go through the refrigerator, freezer, and cabinets before you leave so you know what you’ll need and don’t buy things you already have. Then sit down and make a shopping list, promising to adhere to it (for the most part) to avoid overspending on impulsive purchases.

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6. Make a food plan before going shopping.


Instead of heading to the shop with just a hazy concept of what you’ll make that week, plan a few dinners around components that may be used in many dishes. For example, you may bake chicken and then utilize the leftovers in soup, salad, or sandwiches. Purchase a vegetable that you can serve as a side dish with many entrees.

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7. Don’t restrict yourself to meals that are at eye level.


Did you know that higher-priced products are often displayed at eye level on shelves? Because many consumers seldom go down to the bottom shelves, which are generally stocked with store brand, generic, or low-cost products, this is the case. Always keep an eye on the bottom shelves. You could discover that a lower-cost brand is just as good as the high-priced spaghetti sauce you’ve been coveting.

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8. Make a cash payment


When you pay with a credit card, it’s simple to overspend. Nothing, however, keeps your food cost down like seeing your hard-earned money leave your hands. Stop by your bank’s ATM to withdraw cash the next time you go food shopping. Better better, save aside enough money for the full month and divide it into weekly envelopes to avoid overspending.

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9. Eliminate sporadic grocery trips.


It may not seem like a huge issue to go to the supermarket for coffee, snacks, a jar of spaghetti sauce, and a block of cheese. However, if you go to the grocery shop three or four times a week in addition to your weekly food run, you’re undoubtedly overspending.

This is when having a shopping list comes in handy. Consider your weekly shopping list to prevent making unnecessary excursions to the store, which may result in impulsive purchases that increase your expenditure.

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The “grocery prices” is a problem that has been present for a while. There are 9 ways to fight the rising price of groceries.

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