Making your own little oasis in the midst of a busy life is easy with these gorgeous houseplants that can live for years. Ensuring they stay alive, however, requires some dedication and care.

The “plants that are hard to kill outside” is a list of 7 stunning houseplants that are almost impossible to kill. These plants will help you stay green year-round and can be used indoors or outdoors.

7 Stunning Houseplants That Are Almost Impossible to Kill

beginner houseplants for every skill level

Do you have a green thumb that is the polar opposite of a green thumb? Do you want to channel your inner plant lady but aren’t sure where to start? You’ve come to the perfect location because you’ll learn about the most successful plants.

Plants are a wonderful addition to any house. They will not only enhance the beauty of your home, but they will also enhance the beauty of your life. The following are some of the advantages of indoor houseplants: 

  • Lower your stress levels.
  • Boost your output
  • Improve the quality of the air
  • Concentrate your focus.
  • Improve your overall attitude on life and work.

Start with these 7 houseplants for beginners if you’re new to plant life.

1. Pothos Vine (Golden)

beginner houseplant golden pothos

Are you concerned that you’ll forget to water your plants? The Devil’s Ivy, also known as Golden Pothos Vine, is the plant for you! 

It just needs a little water and flourishes when the soil dries up between waterings. Plus, when it’s time to water your Golden Pothos Vine, it’ll begin to droop, making it simple to know. When it begins to droop, water it and then let it alone.

When it comes to how much light this plant need, it’s likewise simple. Bright yet indirect light is preferred by the Golden Pothos Vine. The color of the plant’s leaves will return to completely green if it doesn’t get enough light. On the other side, if the plant receives too much light, the leaves will become pale. 

The Golden Pothos Vine is also almost indestructible! 

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Spider Plants No. 2

beginner houseplant spider plant

Are you seeking for a hardy indoor plant that will last for years, if not generations? Then a spider plant is almost certainly the best option for you! Spider plants are a popular houseplant for a variety of reasons, including their ease of maintenance and health advantages. 

People who wish to filter the air in their houses might consider the spider plant. It has been proved to eliminate indoor contaminants like formaldehyde from your whole house. A vast indoor garden would be required to purify the air in a complete home, but if you set four or five spider plants in your workplace, your coworkers will notice the difference.

Spider plants need to be watered on a regular basis, but their lovely leaves flowing from hanging baskets can help you remember. They flourish in mild shade or indirect sunlight inside. 

Snake Plants No. 3

beginner houseplant snake plant

The snake plant is ideal for individuals who claim they don’t have a green thumb. Why? It’s simple: killing the snake plant is quite tough. The reason for this is because they originated in dry, harsh environments such as Africa, Madagascar, and Southern Asia.

The snake plant may thrive in either brilliant light or full darkness (an almost dark room). It doesn’t need much water, and it may go for up to two months without being watered. Drought resistance has been assigned to the snake plant, making it simple to maintain.

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Aloe Vera Plants

beginner houseplant aloe plant

Growing a live object that directly helps you, such as fruit, vegetables, and aloe plants, is immensely fulfilling. Aloe vera provides a wide range of pharmacological and physiological effects. Many people keep aloe plants in their homes to cure sunburns and other burns using the gel found within the leaves. However, aloe is used in a broad range of goods in the cosmetics, medicines, and food sectors.

If you wish to cultivate an aloe plant to protect yourself from burns, the good news is that it is simple to grow and maintain. Aloe plants do best in indirect light and with little irrigation. These plants are drought-tolerant and only need watering after the soil has dried entirely. 

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Dracaena is the fifth flower in the Dracaena family.

beginner houseplant dracaena corn plant

Do you want to add a touch of the tropics to your home? Dracaena is a great houseplant to add to your collection. Dracaenas come in a variety of colors and sizes, but the Dracaena fragrans is the most common indoor houseplant (also known as corn plant). The leaves have a palm tree appearance because they grow on a tall cane-like stalk.

Indoors, the corn plant thrives in regions of the house with bright but indirect sunshine. It will grow tall and slender with frequent hydration (perfect for smaller apartments). They purify the air, much like other indoor plants, and the Dracaena fragrans also promotes humidity and decreases dust.

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Succulents, no. 6

beginner houseplant succulents

The spice of life — and the indoor garden – is variety. Succulents come in over 10,000 different types, allowing plant enthusiasts to pick and select to their hearts’ delight. 

Plant succulents on your window sills, which is an excellent choice since succulents demand more light than other houseplants. 

Don’t be concerned about killing them; their leaves will tell you what they need. When the leaves want water, they pucker. If their leaves pink or change color, you know they’re receiving enough light. 

7. Bamboo

beginner houseplant dracaena bamboo

Are you seeking for a plant that just has to be watered once a week? Bamboo is a great place to start. Bamboo is a resilient plant that is difficult to kill, but it does need to be cared for on a regular basis.

If you maintain your indoor bamboo plant in a pot, make sure it receives enough of light by placing it near a window and rotating it periodically so it gets light from all sides. It also has to be watered on a regular basis.

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