In just a decade, the app market has grown to over 2 million. The explosive growth of mobile apps is changing how people work and where they live. In 2025, it’s expected that there will be $787 billion in annual spending on all types of digital services – from paying bills to watching movies at home and everything else.

The “top money earning apps 2022” is a list of 27 apps that are expected to be making real money in the near future. The list includes various categories, such as games and social media.

An extensive guide to apps that pay real money, with information on sign-up bonuses, platforms, and more!

How long do you spend each day on your phone? 1 hour? Two? 4, 5, 6, what number? I know. The weekly summary report that details my screen usage data often leaves even me in disbelief. 

My husband and I sometimes attempt to rationalize our screen time by attributing it to “working,” watching sports, or even Netflix. Nobody likes to admit that they spent all those hours looking around Instagram and Facebook. However, let’s be honest: we probably did. 

What if you could earn money off of your phone? What if you could utilize it to generate additional income? You’d best believe it, then. You very certainly can!

There are so many trustworthy applications that send actual cash directly to your bank account. Let’s get started with the most comprehensive list of legitimate money-making applications if you want to boost your weekly profits. 


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These days, earning additional money is lot simpler because to the internet and technology. Sometimes all it takes is pressing the download button, and your money begins to accumulate.

If you own a smartphone, earning additional cash is essentially at your fingers. What if you performed a simple act that might earn you money right now every time you unlocked your phone? 

I’d be a billionaire if I got a $1 for each time I unlocked my phone, the person said.

Technically speaking, these applications that pay money won’t make you a billionaire, but they may help you pay off debt, fund a vacation, or increase your savings. Right, a little goes a long way.

The fact is that we use our phones a LOT. 

Americans check their phones 344 times a day on average, according to this study from! This occurs every four minutes. OMG, WHAT?

47 percent of Americans say they are “addicted” to their phones, according to the poll.


pie chart showing Americans addicted to their phones statistic


Why not use it to generate revenue? RIGHT! So let’s start looking at that list of applications that really pay money!


27 Apps that Accept Real Payments

You wouldn’t believe how many applications really pay money, however! It would be difficult to put them all here.

There are some of them that pay you to do surveys, play games, view movies, and then there are those that pay for all of the aforementioned activities. 

On the other side, there are applications that pay you to drive, lose weight, and earn returns on your financial assets. The possibilities in the realm of real money applications are endless!

I’ve organized our best selections for legitimate money-making applications into categories based on what they charge in order to make your money-making journey as easy as possible. 


Mobile Survey Apps that Pay


First, Swagbucks

Whether you like it or not, Swagbucks will pay you real money for doing routine internet tasks. If you ever purchase groceries, shop on Amazon, watch amusing videos, or just browse the web with your phone, you may make money. 

When you use the app to do these activities, you will accrue Swagbucks Rewards, also known as SB Points. The value of 100 SB points is one dollar. As your points accumulate, you may decide whether to swap them for PayPal cash or gift cards to your favorite stores.

It’s the ideal method to make money while you’re free. Indeed, Swagbucks extols the virtues of a few “super users who make in the 4 or 5 figures every year!” 

Take advantage of a $10 sign-up bonus when you begin (conditions apply). Activate your bonus in the Swag Ups Section, don’t forget.


Swagbucks Minimum Payout: $3 Swagbucks Payout Options: Cash via PayPal, Gift Cards Online Platforms Available: Mobile App (IOS / Android) & Website Additional Benefits: $10 Sign up Bonus


make money online with swagbucks


Second, InboxDollars

Another excellent choice on our list of paid applications is InboxDollars. You may earn real money from InboxDollars by doing things like viewing movies, doing surveys, reading emails, using free food/grocery coupons, and more! 

Since its beginning, InboxDollars claims to have given its users over $80 MILLION in cash incentives! What if YOU were to get a portion of that cash?

Yes, you most certainly can! Become a member to get this $5 sign-up bonus and to begin earning right now. Thank you very much!


InboxDollars Minimum Payout: $3 InboxDollars Payout Options: Cash via PayPal, Gift Cards Online Platforms Available: Mobile App (IOS / Android) & Website Additional Benefits: $5 Sign up Bonus


My Points 3.

Earning money from your phone is really entertaining and exciting thanks to MyPoints! You may earn money every day by watching movies, doing surveys, playing games, and reading emails.

Additionally, you may earn money by using MyPoints to search discounts, printing coupons, using their extension to receive notifications and coupons, and more! Making money while also saving it? Please, yes!

To make this offer even better, start by grabbing a $10 Amazon Card!


MyPoints Minimum Payout: $3 MyPoints Payout Options: Cash via PayPal or Visa prepaid card, Gift Cards, Travel Miles Online Platforms Available: Mobile App (IOS / Android) & Website Additional Benefits: $10 Sign up Bonus


4. Poll Junkie

Another program that offers actual money is Survey Junkie, which we wholeheartedly endorse! It’s as easy as completing surveys, collecting prizes, and using PayPal to exchange your money for cash. Discover the most effective Survey Junkie tips and tricks to boost your profits!


Survey Junkie Minimum Payout: $5 Survey Junkie Payout Options: Cash via PayPal or Visa prepaid card, Bank Transfer, Gift Cards Online Platforms Available: Mobile App (IOS / Android) & Website


5. Surveys Mobile

You can be paid for doing surveys while you’re on the move with the Surveys On The Go app. But really, all you have to do is download the app, participate in surveys to express your opinions, and you’ll get rewarded in cash. This is a wonderful choice if you’re seeking for applications that pay money!


Surveys On The Go Minimum Payout: $10 Surveys On The Go Payout Options: Cash via PayPal, Prepaid Visa Card, Gift Cards Online Platforms Available: Mobile App (IOS / Android) & Website Additional Benefits: $1 Bonus when you take your first 2 surveys


woman using apps that pay real money


Kashkick 6.

Similar to other rewards applications, Kashkick compensates you for all the enjoyable online activities you already engage in. You may earn money by watching videos, shopping online, and discovering offers.

It’s as easy as doing assignments, seeing your money rise, then withdrawing it! So you can kashkick back on the couch and be rewarded after a hard day! Haha!


Kashkick Minimum Payout: $10 Kashkick Payout Options: Cash via PayPal Online Platforms Available: Mobile App (IOS / Android) & Website


LifePoints 7.

On our list of survey apps that pay you for your thoughts and ideas, LifePoints is yet another good pick. Every time you do a survey, you may earn points (also known as LPs). Later, you may exchange them for cash or gift cards. 


Life Points Minimum Payout: $5 (about 5500 points) Life Points Payout Options: Cash via PayPal, Gift Cards Online Platforms Available: Mobile App (IOS / Android) & website Additional Benefits: 10 bonus points


8. Google Opinion Reward Program

With Google Opinion Rewards, you may get compensated for doing quick surveys. These might be polls, customer satisfaction surveys for businesses, or even hotel evaluations. Most surveys just last a few seconds, and you may earn up to $1 for each one. To me, that seems like a fairly fantastic value!


Google Opinion Rewards Minimum Payout: Whatever you earn Google Opinion Rewards Payout Options: Cash via PayPal, Google Play Online Platforms Available: Mobile App (IOS / Android) & website


9. Influencers on Toluna

Another app on our list of ones that pay you with actual money is Toluna Influencers. You’ll get rewarded for completing surveys, playing games, taking part in community activities, and more, just like the other applications!


Toluna Influencers Minimum Payout: $10 Toluna Influencers Payout Options: Cash via PayPal, Gift Cards Online Platforms Available: Mobile App (IOS / Android) & Website Additional Benefits: 500 points Welcome Bonus


How to Use Survey Apps:

Step 1 is to decide the applications you want to utilize. (Yes, you may utilize several to raise your income!) 

Step 2: Finish the registration and sign-up procedures.

Step 3: Finish filling up your profile. This enables the app to make you eligible for additional surveys and assignments tailored to your location and way of life, which raises your earnings.

Step 4: Find every opportunity to make money, including surveys, viewing movies, playing games, installing extensions for your browser, etc. (Tip: Utilize all available opportunities to make money!)

Start working on the assignments you are eligible for in step 5.



Apps that Pay You Back in Cash


10. Tada

Have any grocery plans for this week? Tada will pay you for this, however! You did read it correctly. Tada will reimburse you for your purchases of food!

Simply purchase milk and eggs this week, scan your receipts, and you’ll get compensated. Tada is one of our favorite applications that pays you with real money since receiving your money through PayPal is so easy.

And to top it all off, when you join, take advantage of this $20 Welcome Bonus!


Tada Minimum Payout: $10 Tada Payout Options: Cash via PayPal, Gift Cards Online Platforms Available: Mobile App (IOS / Android) & Website Additional Benefits: $20 Welcome Bonus


woman using apps that pay you real money


Rakuten 11.

Another one of our top picks for cash-paying applications is Rakuten. By using the Rakuten app, website, or browser extension to shop, you may make money. It is really simple to make money and be paid since there are more than 3500 partner merchants. 

Take advantage of this $30 sign-up offer to get started (you’ll get this bonus when you make your first $30 purchase using the app; in other words, your first $30 transaction is free). 


Rakuten Minimum Payout: $5 Rakuten Payout Options: Cash via PayPal Online Platforms Available: Mobile App (IOS / Android) & Website Additional Benefits: $30 Welcome Bonus




Ibotta 12.

Ibotta makes it as easy as “click, click, CASH”! When you use the Ibotta app for your regular shopping, you may get actual money back. In fact, when you make in-store purchases, you may get cash back!

Ibotta offers a huge network of partners, which makes buying fun and easy. Use the app to make the weekly purchases you would typically make, and you’ll get a ton of cash back simply for doing so. It’s really a win-win situation. 


Ibotta Minimum Payout: $10 Ibotta Payout Options: Cash via PayPal and bank account, Gift Cards Online Platforms Available: Mobile App (IOS / Android) & Website Additional Benefits: $5 Bonus when you make your first purchase


What applications provide quick payments?

All of the applications on our list will typically take 2-3 days to process and complete transactions, which is a respectable amount of time. Your location and bank will determine how quickly it reaches your account. 



Fetch Rewards 13.

Fetch Rewards will pay you for shopping and uploading your receipts using the Fetch app, much like many of the other applications that have been discussed. There are several methods to get money, and by completing bonus offers and introducing friends and family, you may raise your profits. 


Fetch Minimum Payout: $3 Fetch Payout Options: Cash via Prepaid Visa card, Gift Cards Online Platforms Available: Mobile App (IOS / Android) & Website


Checkout 51 14.

You can get cash back at Checkout 51 on your purchases of groceries and petrol! It just takes a few steps to get started: download the app, look for savings options, add these deals to your shopping list, add your receipt, and voila! Even on petrol purchases, members may earn up to 25 cents per gallon! An app that can both save and earn money for me? Please enroll me!


Checkout 51 Minimum Payout: $20 Checkout 51 Payout Options: Cash via Check Online Platforms Available: Mobile App (IOS / Android) & website


woman using apps that pay you real cash


Shopkick 15.

Another rewards program on our list of apps that pay you with actual money is Shopkick. Shopkick makes earning so simple that you may start accumulating “kicks” (points) even before completing a purchase by just entering a participating shop.

There are several methods to get money; 250 kicks is equal to $1. Happy window shopping!


Shopkick Minimum Payout: $2 Shopkick Payout Options: Cash via PayPal, Gift Cards Online Platforms Available: Mobile App (IOS / Android) & Website Additional Benefits: $5 Bonus when you make your first purchase


Pro Tip!

Try not to increase your purchases in an effort to increase your earnings through cashback programs. You’ll lose money since it doesn’t make logic. Instead, take advantage of them to make money on products that would have been on your weekly shopping list otherwise.

You might sometimes check the app and base your meal plans on the offers and discounts that are available. You may maximize your savings this way and gain from the cashback as well! SCORE!


How to Use Cash Back Apps: 

Step 1: Download your preferred cash back applications.

Step 2: Finish the registration and sign-up procedures.

Step 3: Finish filling up your profile. 

Step 4: Find every possible opportunity to make money. Some will pay you to buy at certain supermarkets, some will only offer you cash back for particular things, others will give you cash back for filling up your petrol tank, etc.

Step 5: Look through the app to learn more about the grocery partners and to see the weekly specials. (Tip: To maximize your savings, arrange your meals around these sales.)

Step 6: Shop for groceries and submit your receipt after scanning it.


Weight loss applications that pay you


The HealthyWage

Want to slim down AND earn money? The HealthyWage app is everything you need! HealthyWage will encourage you to achieve all of your objectives by offering cash-based weight reduction challenges. In fact, HealthyWage encounters difficulties when paying out up to $10,000! How’s that for a genuine money-paying app? Pretty amazing, no?


HealthyWage Minimum Payout: Whatever you win HealthyWage Payout Options: Cash via Check Online Platforms Available: Mobile App (IOS / Android) & Website Additional Benefits: Losing weight


workout equipment and phone


Game Apps that Accept Payment


Mistplay 17

Mistplay ranks highly on our list of entertaining applications that provide you cash! Mistplay is an organization that pays real money for playing games! So why not be paid if you’re going to relax at the end of a hard day by playing some enjoyable games? 


Mistplay Minimum Payout: $5 Mistplay Payout Options: Cash via PayPal, Prepaid Visa Cards, Gift Cards, Google Play Credit Online Platforms Available: Mobile App (Android) & website


Cashhy, 18,

Another choice on our list of gaming apps that offer real money is Cashhy. Download, engage in gaming, and earn money. That’s all there is to it! 


Options for Cashhy Payout: PayPal Cash and Gift Cards Internet Resources accessible through a mobile app (Android)


For additional possibilities, see these 23+ Games that Pay Instantly to PayPal!


Pro Tip!

Some of these applications provide many methods to make money. Use all of your possibilities to earn to increase your payouts! For instance, you may want to leave movies playing as you travel to work, tell all of your friends and family about the app (yes, you can be paid for this! ), or play music while you run in the evening.


Real Money-Paying Apps for Photos


19. Foap

Using the Foap app is a great way to make money off of your pictures and videos. With Foap, there are various methods to raise your profits. You have many options, including joining missions on Foap, which may earn you hundreds of dollars, joining premium missions, which can pay up to $1,000, or uploading your images and waiting for someone to purchase them on the Foap marketplace. 


Foap Minimum Payout: $5 Foap Payout Options: Cash via PayPal Online Platforms Available: Mobile App (IOS / Android) & website


Apps for Investing that Pay you in Real Money


Acorns 20

You may invest in order to increase your wealth and save money with the aid of the Acorns app. Similar to any investment, you’ll need to “pay” a little ($5 minimum) to put yourself in a position to begin earning.

Acorns’ Acorns Earn function, on the other hand, gives you the chance to earn money as you buy online. The additional money you make may then be used toward saving or investing. Talk about getting everything you need to start off financially in one place: savings, banking, investments, and additional income!

For anybody interested in investing but unsure of where to begin, we strongly suggest Acorns. To begin, take advantage of this $10 bonus investment!



Want to develop your financial literacy, save for retirement, and make investments in your future?

Join the 9.5 million users who have used Acorns to increase their wealth! You just need $5 to start your first investment!

Join right now to get a $10 bonus investment!


Fundrise 21.

An app called Fundrise makes real estate investment quick, easy, and transparent. Fundrise says that its low investment threshold allows you the freedom to choose the ideal investment size for you. Additionally adaptable, investments let you make investments in accordance with your schedule and financial objectives. Download Fundrise from the IOS App Store or the Google Play Store.


Applications that Pay You to Listen to Music


22. Present Rewards / Earning Method

Would you want to get compensated for just enjoying music? In any case, this is made possible through the Mode Earn app (previously known as Current Rewards on iOS; Current Rewards is changing its name to Mode Earn). While you clean, commute, exercise, or stroll, you may earn money by listening to music. Finding your favorite music is simple with over 100 000 stations to pick from! 

Additionally, this software will pay you money for shopping, playing games, and even charging your phone! Making money couldn’t be any simpler!


Current Rewards / Mode Earn Payout Options: Cash via PayPal, Prepaid Master Card, Gift Cards Online Platforms Available: Mobile App (IOS / Android) & website


Mobile Applications that Pay You for Your Stuff


Decluttr 23

Have you have useless items laying around your home? You will be paid for this by Decluttr, particularly for your old tech equipment. It just takes a few steps to get started: download the app, choose your device from their system, send your items for free, and be paid!


Decluttr Minimum Payout: Whatever you earn Decluttr Payout Options: Cash via PayPal & Direct Deposit Online Platforms Available: Mobile App (IOS / Android) & website


woman decluttering


BONUS – Money-Grinding Websites (Not Apps)

Websites that pay money may also be of interest to you if you’re interested in applications that do. I understand that you are just interested in making money, thus it may not matter to you whether it is an app or a website. I know you’ll be eager to join once it’s a reliable source that can provide you that additional cash!

The websites listed below are reliable sources of actual money. Although they don’t presently have any applications available for download, this has no impact on your ability to make money.


Opinion Outpost 24

Opinion Outpost, a website that pays you to participate in surveys and share your opinions with marketers, is technically not an app. Brands are aware that they can enhance their goods thanks to your comments. They will spend a lot of money on this because of this! You’ll get compensated to test new products, provide comments on advertisements prior to their release, and more!


Opinion Outpost Minimum Payout: $10 (for cash) & $5 (for Amazon Gift Card) Opinion Outpost Payout Options: Cash via PayPal, Prepaid Visa Cards, Gift Cards Online Platforms Available: Website Additional Benefits: 5 points Welcome Bonus when you complete your first survey


man doing surveys on laptop


25. iPoll

Another website that compensates you for your distinct viewpoint is iPoll. Your reward for answering questions regarding the goods you use and the locations you go on a daily basis might be either gift cards or cash!


Minimum Payout for iPoll: $12 Options for iPoll Payout: PayPal Cash and Gift Cards Available Online Platforms: Website


Money-making Apps (Indirectly)

On sometimes, you may indirectly earn money via an app. These applications technically don’t give you money, but they do make the transaction possible so that you may eventually be paid. These might be for applications for odd jobs, local internet buying and selling, etc.


26. 5Miles

You may list your items quickly and easily on 5Miles to start earning some additional money! The software leverages the location of your phone to connect with several local prospective consumers.


27. Instagram and Facebook

Is it possible for a list of true money-making applications to be without Facebook and Instagram? I disagree. In all honesty, if an app helps you meet people, it can be a money generator!

With the use of features like Marketplace, company pages, and even your own profile or stories, Facebook and Instagram may be used to boost your revenue. If you list a product for sale, I promise you’ll be paid. 


woman with phone and money


Additional Information on Money-Paying Apps

Which app really pays real money?

All of the applications on this list are legitimate payment-based apps. Your earning potential will be determined by the app. Swagbucks, InboxDollars, MyPoints, Survey Junkie, and Rakuten are a few of our favorites. All of them have been tested by us, and they all paid out in actual money! Some of these applications reward you with points that can be exchanged for cash, while others offer you cash payments right away. 


– How can I quickly earn $50?

The greatest way to enhance your profits if you want to quickly make $50 is to utilize a mix of the applications on our list. Make sure to finish the registration process, register your email, and fill up your profile. These all add up to additional points (or money) and may make you eligible for more surveys and assignments, increasing your earning potential. 

Do not overlook the possibility of earning money offline! If you’re looking to get $50 right away, you may be able to make this and much more by looking for odd jobs in your area, like mowing lawns, or by simply selling something on Marketplace!


What applications provide you immediate payments?

You must reach a minimum sum on several of the apps on our list before you can pay out. However, several of sites, like Swagbucks and InboxDollars, provide welcome bonuses that are more than the required minimum payment. This indicates that if the prerequisites are satisfied, you’ll probably be able to withdraw your money as soon as you start making money!


What applications really pay you money?

All of the applications on this list provide real money payments. Our faves include Swagbucks, InboxDollars, MyPoints, Survey Junkie, and Rakuten, as was previously noted. All of these applications, however, provide cash payments.


What app offers the best pay?

The investment apps like Acorns and Fundrise fall into a whole other category in terms of payments, and although they may be the most lucrative, you have to put money into them in order to receive money out. The other applications on our list all have substantial earning potential. However, how much time and effort you put into activities, games, etc. will determine how much money you can make. 


61 Legitimate Side Job Apps to Earn Extra Money

23+ Games with Instant Payments using PayPal

How to Instantly Get Free Money (47 Ways that Work)


Final Thoughts on Real Money Paying Apps

Go wild and download every app that will work best for you and your way of life now that you have a huge list of apps that pay real money at your disposal. Before you know it, you’ll start receiving additional cash, and your wallet will be grateful.

Any other applications that pay you with actual money that you are aware of? Do you presently utilize any applications that help you make money? Tell us in the comments section below. Please get in touch with us.

For more money discussions, advice on living simply, and ideas for side hustles, follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.


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