From free grocery delivery to coupons, we’ve compiled a list of some apps that will help you score meals and groceries for cheap.

The “free food first order” is a list of apps that can be used to score free food. There are 25 apps on the list, and they all have different methods for obtaining free food.

25 apps that you can use to score free food

Do you like getting free meals, but it’s not your birthday? You may still get free meals if you have a smartphone and are ready to download certain applications.

For many of us, fast food is a guilty pleasure, particularly when life becomes hectic and you need meals quickly or a pick-me-up at the end of a long week. These 24 food apps will reward you with free food and meal discounts when you join up, making your guilty pleasure a bit less guilty.

Want to sign up for these culinary apps faster? Simply log in using your Facebook account, which most applications allow you to do. If you don’t want your regular Facebook account to be linked to your food apps, create a second Facebook account for deal apps and coupons. Using a different email account for sign-up offers helps prevent your primary account from being overburdened with spam.

Here are several applications that will reward you with free meals if you join up for them:

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7-Eleven is number one.


The 7-11 app gives you 800 free points, which you can use to get a Big Gulp, a medium coffee or hot beverage, a doughnut, a fudge brownie, or a 2-pack of cookies, a Taquito, chips, a medium Slurpee, or a medium CHILLERS iced coffee. You will also get points for every dollar spent on this app, as well as additional points for certain menu items.

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AuntieAnne’s is number two.


After your first purchase, download their myAuntiAnne’s Pretzel Perks app and earn a free pretzel. Since it’s actually related to their reward program, it’s kind of free food, but if you go there at all, you can receive a free pretzel!

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3. ampm


When you join up for the AMPM Power Scratch app, you get three free scratchers and three free scratches per day if you check in at an ampm. You don’t have to go to the shop to check in; all you have to do is be within a mile or two of it. You may win a variety of prizes, including free hot dogs, coffee, hamburgers, and even petrol and gift cards.

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4. Fresh from Baja


With each purchase made via the Baja Fresh app, you’ll get a complimentary taco (Chicken, Carnitas Baja, or Americano Taco).

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5. BJ’s


When new BJ’s app users sign up for a premium rewards account, they will get a free mini pizookie. Members may also earn points for every dollar spent and redeem promotions via the app.

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Buffalo Wild Wings, No. 6


Every time you check in at Buffalo Wild Wings, you’ll get 10 points, and every time you spend $10, you’ll get 100 points. These points may then be exchanged for free food, such as a 250-point laden ice cream.

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Burger King is number seven.


The Burger King app seems to be the most promising, since it offers $30 in meal discounts when you join up via the app. When I joined up, though, all I saw was a BOGO Whopper voucher. The remainder were meal packages with a little discount – no free food.

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Chick-fil-A is number eight on the list.


Chick-fil-A — While you will not get a free bonus for installing the app, you will receive free meals on a regular basis. Frequently, a free menu item may appear on your app for no apparent reason. You can also earn free food by buying food via their app, and you’re losing out if you haven’t synced your cow calendar card to your app. You may purchase a calendar on eBay if your restaurant is out of them. Each month, you will get a free food item if you use the cow calendar.

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Chili’s (nine)


By far the most time-consuming was signing up for the Chili’s app. Within 48 hours of signing up for the app, you’ll get free chips and salsa as well as 60 points, and you may earn one point for every two dollars you spend, which can then be redeemed for free meals.

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10. Taco Addiction


Chronic Taco will give you 50 points as soon as you authenticate your account. For 25 points, you can get a free order of churro bites, or for 50 points, you can get a free taco. After that, for every $1 spent at Chronic Taco, you will get one point.

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Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf No. 11


Enter a friend’s code into the promo code section when you join up for the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf app, and you’ll earn a free drink after your first purchase. If you don’t have a buddy, consider me your bestie and imagine we’re having coffee together. AshleyEne8068 is my code. Once you’ve downloaded the app, remember to acquire your unique referral code and politely urge your friends to join up so you can win even more free beverages! You’ll also get a free birthday drink and a reward point for every dollar you spend if you use the app. For every 50 points you acquire, you’ll get a free drink or pastry until you reach the Platinum level, which is 300 points. Once you reach Platinum status, every 40 points you earn will reward you a free drink or pastry. Isn’t it a little complex for a reward system? We were thinking the same thing, but free drinks are too good to pass up.

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Denny’s (#12)


On your next online order, use the Denny’s app to get a free Grand Slam meal.

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13. Domino’s Pizza


After six orders of $10 or more, you’ll get a free medium two-topping Dominos pizza.

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Dunkin’ Donuts is number 14 on the list.


When you join up for Dunkin’ Donuts’ reward program, you’ll get a free beverage. The only catch is that you must use a gift card or load one with at least $2 to join up. You’ll also get a DD incentive on your birthday and every time you achieve 200 points.

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Jamba Juice (number 15)


When you sign up for an account with Jamba Juice, you’ll get a $3 discount on your first purchase. You can get a free doughnut with this $3, but all of their smoothies are above $3 (the child smoothie is $3.19), so expect to spend a bit more. Once you’ve earned 35 points, you’ll be able to get extra discounts.

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16. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts


Krispy Kreme offers a free doughnut to new sign-ups, and you’ll also get a free doughnut on your birthday. After a certain number of transactions, loyal Krispy Kreme aficionados may get complimentary boxes of doughnuts and drinks.

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McDonald’s is number seventeen.


You will get access to free meals and discount offers after you sign up for the McDonald’s app. On Fridays, for example, with any purchase, you may get a free medium-sized fry. McDonald’s also has a separate McCafe rewards program that enables you to get a free drink after buying five items.

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18. Panera Bread


Members of MyPanera Incentives get free rewards for spending and simply being a member. In December, for example, I was able to get a complimentary bagel on every single day of the month. In a similar vein, I had a month when I could get a free coffee every day. When members sign up for the app and on their birthday, they will get a free goodie. You will also get a free meal or food item after a certain number of visits.

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Papa John’s Pizza is number 19 on the list.


You may earn a point for the Papa Rewards program for every $5 you spend. Once you’ve accumulated 25 points, you may exchange them for a big three-topping pizza. Lower levels of points may be redeemed for other food products. For even more pizza savings, check out these seven Papa John’s tips.

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Quiznos (number 20)


After installing the app, get a free mini sub or Gyro Flatbread with any purchase. Once your account achieves 70 points, you’ll get a free subscription. Connecting via Facebook will get you 10 points, and every dollar spent will gain you one point.

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Red Lobster is number twenty-one.


My Red Lobster Rewards is a reward program offered by Red Lobster. For every dollar spent, you receive one point, and after 125 points, you may start receiving incentives. You receive 75 points when you join up, so it’s a start, even if it’s not really a freebie (yet).

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Starbucks is number 22.


Starbucks’ rewards program isn’t spectacular, but for every 125 stars you earn, you may get a free beverage or food item. You’ll also get a complimentary birthday drink. Periodic challenges, such as purchasing a certain drink five times in a week, can earn you additional stars.

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23. Sonic


You’ll get three deals on the app right after you authenticate your account: a free medium slushie, a coupon for a half-off blast, and a $1.99 Wacky Pack, which is their kid’s meal.

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24. TCBY


Earn a $3 reward at TCBY for every $30 you spend or each person you mention. You’ll get your $3 incentive whenever your buddy spends $5.

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TGIFridays (#25)


Sign up for the TGIFriday app and get a free appetizer or dessert. My free voucher was provided to me shortly after I signed up for their app and can be used through email, but it does not appear in my app. You may also earn points for every dollar spent, which can be exchanged for free items such as a free dessert for 50 points or an 80-point sandwich or burger.

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Wendy’s is number 26.


Wendy’s will hook you up right away with BOGO meal deals and dollar-off discounts on their cuisine.

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Whataburger (number 26)


Whataburger’s offer – After five visits, you’ll get a free meal item.

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Restaurants with a good reputation but no freebies to install


Unfortunately, not every restaurant that has an app will provide you with a gift just for installing it.

Is your favorite restaurant missing from the preceding list? There’s a chance they’ll give you something for nothing. When we were doing research for this piece, we came across a number of eateries that didn’t provide anything in exchange for downloading their app.

However, they may still have an app and a rewards program. It won’t come with free meals right away, but I wanted to give a more condensed list so you don’t waste time looking.

  • Applebees
  • Baskin-Robbins is a chain of ice cream parlors (discounts offered but no free offers)
  • Chipotle is a Mexican restaurant chain (sign up for their text notifications for food offers)
  • iHop
  • Jimmy John’s is a restaurant in New York City.
  • The Olive Garden is a restaurant that specializes on
  • Panda Express is a company that specializes on providing
  • Red Robin is a restaurant chain in the United States (adding Red Robin here because their app is no longer listed for download, but you might still get free food through joining their online Royalty program)
  • Taco Bell is a fast food restaurant chain. (An offers page exists, but I have never gotten an offer)
  • Stop by for some wings.

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