The housing market in the Greater Orlando area is booming, making it harder for people to find a new home and increasing prices. If you’re looking to leave Florida altogether but are still reluctant about where else to move, then consider moving north of Lakeland.

The “financial benefits of living in florida” is a positive and negative list that includes the pros and cons of living in Lakeland, Florida.

15 Pros and Cons of Living in Lakeland, FL Right Now

What You Should Know Before Relocating to Lakeland, Florida

The advantages and disadvantages of living in Lakeland, Florida are discussed in this article.

If you’re thinking about retiring to Lakeland, we can help. Alternatively, you may choose to take advantage of the area’s economic potential.

Today, we’ve got both the good and the bad covered for you. So, let’s get started…

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Living in Lakeland, Florida

Here’s a list of 15 relocating to Lakeland, Florida benefits and drawbacks to consider right now…

  • Historical significance
  • There are plenty enjoyable activities available.
  • Nearby tourist attractions
  • Winter weather is mild.
  • Living costs are moderate.
  • There are There are no state income taxes..
  • A wonderful place to retire.
  • Job opportunities in thriving markets
  • Summers are hot and humid.
  • Hurricanes are a possibility.
  • Thunderstorms with lightning galore
  • Numerous bothersome insects
  • There are several alligators.
  • Congestion
  • Drug problems and high crime rates


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If you’re not convinced that the Lakeland lifestyle is right for you after this initial look, Then have a look at all of our…

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Otherwise, we’ll go further into these 15 advantages and disadvantages of relocating to Lakeland.

Let’s go…

Historical significance

Lakeland is a thriving mid-sized city. With an estimated population of 110,000 people. It is situated in Polk County, Florida.

First and foremost, the downtown area is beautiful. Shops, restaurants, and other enterprises are primarily owned by independents.

A great area to feel the pulse of the city, shop, get a cup of coffee, or eat a burger for lunch.

The downtown area is surrounded by multiple lakes, as the name suggests. Closest to the city center are Lake Wire, Lake Mirror, and Lake Morton, to mention a few.

The neighborhood also has historical sites and antique structures. Because it has seven historic districts.

Finally, Southern College of Florida is situated on Lake Hollingsworth, close to the southeast.

Frank Lloyd Wright, a well-known architect, created several of the campus structures. As a consequence, the campus has the country’s biggest on-site collection of Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings.

Aside from downtown, one of the numerous advantages of living in Lakeland is the abundance of recreational opportunities available to locals.

Let’s look at a few of them now…

There are plenty enjoyable activities available.

Lake Mirror Park is the first.

It is the hub of activities in the neighborhood. In addition, it is the greatest place for big and varied community activities.

You may walk the promenade at Lake Mirror. The Hollis Botanical Garden is a sight to see. Alternatively, take the youngsters to Barnett Family Park to burn off some steam.

Second, Circle B Bar Reserve offers additional outdoor activity. The hotel is situated on the banks of Lake Hancock.

Hiking, picnicking, and seeing animals in their natural habitat are all popular activities here. In addition, this roughly 1,300-acre park is a lovely and restful spot.

The Lakeland Flying Tigers are a baseball team in Lakeland, Florida. A minor league affiliate of the Detroit Tigers.

Publix Field at Joker Marchant Stadium is where they play their home games. Spring training is also held here by a big league team.

Following that, don’t miss the Sun n Fun Aerospace Expo. The yearly fly-in and air show are the organization’s most well-known events. Lakeland Linder International Airport will host the event.

For over 50 years, the program has been running. More than 200,000 people attended the event, which included hundreds of displays.

Finally, here are some additional current events and places to visit in and around the city:

Next, regardless of where you reside. You simply need to get out of town now and again.

And that’s just one of the many advantages of living in Lakeland…

Nearby tourist attractions

Because Tampa is just 30 miles west of us. While Disney World is situated 55 miles to the northeast in Orlando.

These huge cities provide all of the facilities of a big metropolis, as well as professional sports. Plus, in Orlando, you’ll have access to some of the world’s largest and greatest amusement parks.

Alternatively, keep the youngsters entertained at home. Because Winter Haven’s LEGOLAND is just a few kilometers away.

Finally, consider if the athletic and cultural activities of a major college town are of interest to you. Then, on your way to the University of Florida in Gainesville, pass via the popular town of Ocala.

Okay. As the advantages and disadvantages of relocating to Lakeland continue to be debated. Next, we’ll talk about the weather…

Winter weather is mild.

Because when you select Lakeland as your home. Summer weather is guaranteed all year.

Because temperatures in the winter months often reach the 70s.

As a result, there isn’t any snow to shovel. There are no ice sidewalks to negotiate. Making it possible to leave at any moment.

Without needing to be concerned about cold weather.

To take advantage of all Lakeland has to offer.

Okay. You may have come to the conclusion that this is a fantastic place to live in. Yes, it is.

But first, let’s look at some financial considerations. To ensure that living here will not break the bank.

Living costs are moderate.

When compared to other locations, this is a blessing. Lakeland has a relatively low cost of living.

This is based on information from It reveals that the average cost of living is around 14% lower. In comparison to the national average. And it costs roughly 17% less than the average in Florida.

The biggest savings may be seen in median property prices. Residential real estate is around 25% less expensive than the national average.

Other expenses, such as health care and transportation, look to be within reach.

Be prepared, though, for some hefty electrical bills. Because of the brightness and mild temperatures. You may discover that turning on the air conditioner is a requirement.

Another money tip follows. Make sure you utilize Rakuten’s cash rebate app. To get cashback on all of your line purchases.

The savings, however, do not end there. Which brings me to another benefit of relocating to Lakeland…

There are There are no state income taxes..

Regardless of where you choose to relocate in the lovely state of Florida. You will not be subject to state income taxes. A relocation to Lakeland is no different.

Unless you come from another state with no or cheap taxes. The savings might be significant.

It all depends on your starting point. And the amount of money you earn.

Many families, on the other hand, claim to save thousands of dollars each year. Immediately on top of their tax obligations.

And the tax savings are fantastic. Because relocating may be costly.

So, before you relocate to Lakeland, I strongly advise you to get your financial home in order. It is necessary to do so.

Consider using Personal Capital’s online tool for assistance. It’s a convenient method to keep track of your spending, budget, and investments in one spot.

Next, let’s put some of the puzzle pieces of your potential Lakeland lifestyle together. And then come to a simple conclusion…

A wonderful place to retire.

The mix of entertainment alternatives, cheap prices, no state taxes, and mild winters can only imply one thing…

Living in Lakeland, Florida during retirement is a fantastic alternative.

Add in the fact that this city is home to one of Florida’s major hospitals. Giving residents the assurance that quality health care is close by. When and if it is required.

The Lakeland Regional Medical Center is a hospital in Lakeland, Florida. is what I’m referring about. Located here for nearly 80 years, offering health care to the community.

But what about those of us who still have to work for a living? That’ll be next…

Job opportunities in thriving markets

Because this is a prosperous Florida town with lots of employment, educational, and recreational options.

It is the headquarters of Publix Supermarkets, for starters. One of the biggest employee-owned businesses in the country. Stores and distribution sites may be found all across the southeast.

Higher education, manufacturing, distribution, and professional services are among the other important employment.

Consider the following:

  • University of Florida Polytechnic
  • Southern College of Florida
  • Services by GC
  • Lakeland Regional Medical Center is a hospital in Lakeland, Florida.
  • Polk State University
  • Logistics Services at Saddle Creek
  • Sykes

Finally, commuters may work in Orlando, Tampa, or St. Petersburg because to Lakeland’s location. Expanding work opportunities in a variety of industries.

Especially if you can work from home two or three days a week. This will cut down on your commute time and give you the best of both worlds.

With job chances in large cities. However, small-town living.

Okay. It’s time to move on to the other side of the debate. For a fair picture of the advantages and disadvantages of living in Lakeland.

As a result, the drawbacks of living in Lakeland. Starting with some of the region’s most unusual and dramatic weather phenomena…


Summers are hot and humid.

Every day throughout the summer, you can anticipate near-100 percent humidity. With temperatures often reaching the nineties.

Days with temperatures over 100 degrees are not unusual.

So be prepared for some hot and unpleasant weather once you move here.

Hurricanes are a possibility.

Hurricanes are a threat almost everywhere in Florida.

Some locations are more susceptible than others. During the hurricane season, which runs from June to November, there is always the possibility that your life may be disturbed by one of these devastating storms.

Lakeland, on the other hand, is less likely to absorb direct strikes. In addition, the city is separated from the Gulf of Mexico coastline by a 50-mile buffer of land.

Nonetheless, rain, high-wind damage, and floods are all possibilities.

Thunderstorms with lightning galore

June also marks the start of the rainy season. Until October, it rains virtually every day.

Furthermore, lightning strikes often. Because Florida is known as the world’s lightning capital.

Above all, lightning kills more individuals in the state than any other weather-related disaster.

Storms, on the other hand, are usually short-lived. Soon after, there was sunlight.

Numerous bothersome insects

The combination of hot temperatures, humidity, lakes, and standing water equals one thing. There are several bugs and insects.

So, if you can’t stand them, don’t bother. This item, out of all the 15 advantages and disadvantages of living in Lakeland, may not be for you.

Because coming across…

  • Cockroaches
  • Palmetto insects
  • Mosquitoes

…will be a common occurrence.

There are several alligators.

Lakeland is appealing to more than just people. Because alligators like it as well.

They live in freshwater environments. As a result, the area’s lakes, rivers, and plentiful natural freshwater sources provide the ideal natural environment for these scaly critters.

Thankfully, they aren’t usually violent towards people. They do, however, sometimes venture into our territory.

A 10-foot-long, 800-pound gator, for example, was wandering on a sidewalk near a residential neighborhood a few years ago.

Of course, this is an outlier. This isn’t the norm. It does, however, happen.

Then there’s a more usual drawback to living in Lakeland…


There is significant traffic congestion in this area.

As a result, plan to spend more time in your automobile, no matter where you need to go. Particularly during the high winter months. When the winter visitors and snowbirds have arrived.

Worse, public transit choices are few. As a result, you’re adding to the traffic problem.

Here are a few traffic hotspots to be aware of…

Interstate 4 is the first. It’s the major road into Tampa and Orlando from the west.

At any time of day or night, the route may be congested. However, it is particularly bad at rush hour in the morning and evening.

West Memorial Boulevard is a more localized option. It runs through the metropolitan area’s main east-west route.

It, too, becomes quite crowded during rush hour.

Okay. One more disadvantage of living in Lakeland. Then I’ll call it a day…

Drug problems and high crime rates

Lakeland offers a variety of safe housing options. Because without them, the city would not be such a famous tourist attraction.

It does, however, have a reputation for drug trafficking, gangs, and property crime. The crime rate is greater than 78 percent of other cities and villages in the state, according to Neighborhood Scout.

As a consequence, do your homework. Also, select your Lakeland site carefully.

Okay. That’s all I’ve got.

Allow me to conclude with a few last comments.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Living in Lakeland, Floridaorida

Lakeland’s greatest asset, in my view, is its variety.

Since it is both A wonderful place to retire.. Also, a good place to work and raise a family.

Most of the downsides may be avoided, save from being outside in the summer heat. Simply by using common sense and selecting a suitable living area.

Summer heat and humidity are also bearable. If you don’t mind spending time in the air-conditioned comfort.

Regardless of your choice, I hope you liked my essay about the advantages and disadvantages of relocating to Lakeland, Florida.

Don’t forget about the rest of our…

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…for locating your ideal new home.

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The The Benefits and Drawbacks of Living in Lakeland, Florida Explained


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